Statue of Unity Tent City – 1

Located on the isle of Sadhu-Bet in River Narmada at Ekta Nagar (Kevadia) district, Rajpipla, Gujarat, the Statue of Unity Tent City -1 is surrounded by river Narmada on one side, while the breathtaking Vindyachal and Satpuda mountain ranges embrace its other horizon.

Experience grandeuer in every sense whether it be through your stay at the Swiss cottage of Tent City -1 that offers you a luxurious hospitality or by just merely soaking inspiration from the tallest statue in the world located in the close proximity.

Statue Of Unity Tent City - 1

Experience a unique cottage accommodation with best-in-class hospitality, offering you multiple options that complement your lifestyle, replete with delectable cuisines, areas for Cultural Activity and top-notch amenities.

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Your Vision

Nestled on the banks of the Narmada river, Statue of Unity Tent City-1 offers a perfect venue that fits and enhances the theme of your special day. Besides its class apart hospitality, Statue of Unity Tent City-1 takes care of every need of yours such as decoration, world-class cuisine or transportation of guests.


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As destination weddings pick up again—albeit with smaller crowds and larger safety checklists

Minutes from the world’s tallest statue, this tented venue is a destination with a difference. Nestled on the banks of the Narmada river, the 60 well-appointed tents with modern amenities are enveloped by nature.

Statue of Unity’s Tent City becomes the new hub for destination weddings

There are a number of people who are tying a knot amid the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. In fact, neither the lockdown nor the pandemic has dampened the spirits of couples, who want to take the nuptial vows.

गुजरात: स्टैच्यू ऑफ यूनिटी के पास बसी टेंट सिटी बनी वेडिंग डेस्टिनेशन

गुजरात सरकार ने स्टैच्यू ऑफ यूनिटी के पास बनाए गए अलग-अलग टूरिस्ट डेस्टिनेशन को वेडिंग डेस्टिनेशन के तौर पर खोला है. सरकार को उम्मीद है कि अगर लोग यहां वेडिंग के लिए आएंगे तो उन्हें इस स्टैच्यू के रखरखाव पर होने वाला खर्च मिल सकेगा.


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