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Awaken the happy within and seek for the peace of mind that’s been missing. Surrender, let go and laugh your lungs out. Statue of Unity Tent City-1 besides its luxurious stay and a class apart hospitality offers you a perfectly curated set of activities that help you feel one with nature and let you meet the best version of yourself.


A range of hiking cycles along with safety gears are at your disposal at Statue of Unity Tent City -1, you are free to pick the one that resonates with you the most and just pedal your way through the lush green paths of Ekta Nagar (Kevadia) adorned with humongous mountain ranges to the serene streams of Reva. You are in for a joy ride!

Cycling activities at statue of unity tent city


At the sunrise when the birds chirp and Narmada’s water look surreal, grab one of those vibrantly coloured yoga mats at your disposal and position yourself right in the bosom of nature. Find that perfect moment when the sun, the soul, the river, the mind, nature and the body comes together making a divine synchronization.

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Hike your cord with nature as you walk through the unexplored paths of Ekta Nagar (Kevadia) amid the rustling of the forest leaves and the trundling sounds of Narmada streams. Be enticed by the scent of nature in its purest form, walk through this therapeutic experience and return to your stay with a genuine appreciation for nature.

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Sunrise Point

Blessed be your eyes as it beholds the beauty the sunrise brings with it. For a change rise up before the sun and take an early morning walk through a secret treaded path amid nature and navigate your way through, to a spot that not many know about. Be a witness to this beautiful phenomenon called the sunrise through the mountains.

Staute of unity sunset point


Seek the child hidden within you, pick up that bat and have a ball of a time. Relive the best moments of your childhood because happiness isn’t rocket science, probably it’s just racket science. The momentum you find when your shuttlecock defies gravity, it is in these moments that you feel true joy.

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