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Don’t let a pandemic spoil your dream wedding!

Don’t let a pandemic spoil your dream wedding!

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Weddings are a big deal in India. From 5 long days of celebrations to choosing an offbeat location on the other side of the world for a destination wedding, couples and their families have gone all out to curate a perfect wedding experience. Experience – that’s what marriages have become about – or should we say ‘had’ become since the pandemic flooded into our lives?

Since March 2020, couples have been frantically re-planning their ‘larger than life’ weddings to make it somewhere close to what they had imagined. However, what they’re missing on is how a wedding during this pandemic is actually so much more enjoyable.

Here’s why!
Less people, more fun!
Believe it or not, intimate weddings are making its way up. When you only have your closest family and friends attending the wedding, the festive atmosphere never leaves the room. You no longer have to put on a fake smile on the stage since there’s no one to judge you!

Magical location, glorious celebration!

If you imagined a fairytale wedding, you deserve to get one. While most people are opting to get married at home, you can actually have a destination wedding by opting a location that’s as magical as Tuscany or Goa – right here in Gujarat! With the backdrop of hilly terrains and a deck along the lake, moments will feel just ‘right’ here!

Safety assured

Since only the ‘inner circle’ will be attending the wedding, you know all your safety concerns will be ruled out. What’s even better is that you can actually give away a ‘safety kit’ with masks, hand gloves and sanitizers as a souvenir!

Timeless moments – made and captured

An intimate wedding means you’re going to save a lot of money and time. Choose to spend it in the best of everything, like capturing your timeless moments in every possible way.

Closer to home

Why compromise on a destination wedding because of a travel ban? Book a resort or villa in the outskirts of the city, or go a little further and make a forever amidst nature. All this while being close to home in case something pops up!

Drinks are for immunity

With a pandemic tossed upon us, replace your cliched welcome drinks with immunity boosting drinks infused superfoods such as lemon, mint or citric fruit juices. This will not just give your wedding crew more drink options but also give them a healthy boost!

‘Shaadi ka khana’ like never before!

For all those who miss hogging on ‘shaadi ka khana’, make your way to a wedding in the pandemic and enjoy lip smacking delicacies that will make you want more!
What more do you want in a wedding? In these uncertain times, make your forevers come true.

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