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Gujarat’s Premier and Iconic Wedding Destination – Statue of Unity Tent City – 1

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Have a Royal Wedding at the Heart of Gujarat

Destination weddings are quite a rage these days and understandably so. After all, who wouldn’t love a gorgeous, scenic and memorable wedding amidst nature and surrounded by the love and blessings of near and dear ones.

Statue of Unity – Tent City 1 is one such stunning wedding destination in Gujarat that is perfectly designed to host your most special day and make it a timeless memory for your families.

Set against the backdrop of mesmerizing and natural reservoirs, breathtaking mountains, soulful rivers and a historic statue, Statute of Unity – Tent City 1 has undoubtedly risen in demand as a favorite wedding destination in India amongst those who wish to tie the celestial knot for a lifetime.

Wedding Destination in gujarat

Decor that stuns. Destination that thrills.

The dream wedding is only the last part of the journey. The planning, the preparation, the surprises – both pleasant and otherwise all comprise and make it a memorable ride.

From bridal showers to bachelor parties, at Statue of Unity – Tent City 1, you can host an array of wedding services dedicated to you and your better half. Enjoy an evening of intimate gatherings with your close friends and family, host a grand reception, choose a location of your preference – keep it modern or classical. But either way, make it memorable. The lavish yet affordable tents can easily accommodate about 200 guests. Add to that, a choice of food, a large dining room with a view, and a rich green lawn to hold any glorious outdoor celebration.

Wedding destination in gujarat at statue of unity tent city 1

Make Picturesque Memories with blessings of Mother Nature.

Statue of Unity – Tent City 1 is located by the bank of river Narmada, offering you a picturesque opportunity to make all your photos become beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Afterall, no wedding is complete without some breathtaking shots of the to-be’s, set against the backdrop of nature, consisting of green mountains, slow moving rivers, the foggy and dense background and colorful lights.

Wedding destination at Statue of unity tent city 1

Our Culinary Specials – A Cut Above the Rest

They say a wedding is remembered by the food they serve there. At Statue of Unity – Tent City 1, our culinary experts have mastered the art of taste unlike anywhere else.

From savory snacks to scrumptious mains, to sinfully sweet confections to indulgent thirst quenchers, the place has it all with a specially crafted and curated menu that will surely take you on a delightful taste trail on your special day.

Wedding Destination in Gujarat

A New Wedding Destination in Gujarat – Designed from Age-old Traditions.

Statue of Unity Tent City – 1 is Gujarat’s premier and iconic wedding destination that has its roots in the traditions and culture of India. To make it even more special, it is blessed with natural scenic stunners surrounding it, making it an exotic wedding destination that is second to none, right here in India.

Be it the gorgeous tents or the scenic picture spots to the royal cuisine, this palatial new age space is the most ideal wedding destination in India for all wedding festivities.

Along with that, it has a significant tourist attraction and is very much connected to almost every part of India. Located about 100 kilometers from Vadodara, 200 kilometers from the state capital Gandhinagar and about 420 kilometers from Mumbai, you can plan and detail your big day in a big way.

destination wedding in India

Take your Vows amidst Wows.

As the wedding season approaches, and all the couples are looking for an idyllic place to make their big day memorable, the Statue of Unity Tent City – 1 is the place that is designed to stun and awe.

With a historic statue overlooking the area, the vibrant art and cultural themes subtly decorating your venue, it goes without saying that it truly captures the essence of India in every way, making your day truly unforgettable.

If you are planning to have a stunning destination wedding in India, take your vows amidst some wows, with a rich backdrop of natural elements of the mountains and rivers, starry skies and delectable food right here at Statue of Unity – Tent City 1.

Statue of Unity and other near by attractions will remain close as per government instructions.
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