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From the Sacred City of Varanasi to the Statue of Unity: A Journey to Remember

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In the heart of Varanasi, where the Ganges meanders through the ancient city, cradling centuries of spirituality and culture, a call to explore beckons. From the ghats that witness daily affirmations of life and beyond, to the lanes echoing with sacred chants, Varanasi holds stories untold. Yet, beyond its sacred borders, lies another marvel, beckoning the wanderer in you — the Statue of Unity.

Located approximately 1300 km from the spiritual city of Varanasi, the Statue of Unity stands not just as a monument but as a symbol of the harmonious blend of culture and unity that India represents. In Kevadiya, where the statue proudly stands, the journey from Varanasi unfolds into a narrative of admiration and exploration. While Vadodara, located 90 km from Kevadiya, serves as a gateway to this architectural marvel, the journey is an invitation to experience the grandeur of staying at Statue of Unity Tent City-1, a place where luxury meets nature’s tranquillity.

Venturing beyond the sacred confines of Varanasi, let us now turn our gaze towards the distant horizon, where the Statue of Unity stands tall as a symbol of India’s unity.

How to reach the Statue of Unity from Varanasi 

Statue of Unity by Bus

From the ghats of Varanasi to the grandeur of the Statue of Unity, the journey by bus unfolds over 38 hours, presenting vistas of India’s diverse landscapes. A brief taxi drive from Vadodara to Kevadiya then ushers you into the realm of the world’s tallest statue, making every moment of the journey worthwhile.

Statue of Unity by Train 

For those who seek the rhythm of the rails, the Varanasi to Statue of Unity by train journey weaves through the heart of India, taking approximately 24 hours to Vadodara. The subsequent taxi ride to Kevadiya is but a short leap towards the monumental experience awaiting.

Statue of Unity by Flight 

A combination of convenience and speed, the Varanasi to Statue of Unity flight cuts travel time to a mere 9 hours to Vadodara, followed by a scenic 90 km taxi ride to Kevadiya. This journey, blending swiftness with the serenity of landscapes passed, is a testament to the unity of diverse travel experiences India offers.

Considering the blend of cost, comfort, and time, the flight option stands out for those seeking an expedient arrival, setting the stage for an exploration rich in memories and free of travel weariness.

Now, let’s immerse ourselves in the enchantment of staying at luxurious tents near the majestic Statue of Unity, where nature and luxury converge in harmony.

The Enchantment of Staying in Luxurious Tents

Nestled near the majestic Statue of Unity, Statue of Unity Tent City-1 offers an unparalleled stay experience. Here, luxury and nature come together, presenting Swiss cottages that promise comfort amidst the wilderness. The proximity to the Statue of Unity allows guests to bask in the glory of this architectural wonder, with exclusive tour packages designed to cater to every whim and fancy.

The serene location, set on Sadhu-Bet Isle amidst the flowing Narmada and guarded by the Vindhyachal and Satpura ranges, offers a tranquil retreat. Here, every stay is not just about luxury but about living a narrative woven around the legacy of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and the unity he envisioned for India.

Delving into the offerings of Statue of Unity Tent City-1, let’s explore the curated experiences ranging from one to three-night packages, each crafted to enrich the visitor’s journey.

A Palette of Experiences: Tent City Packages

Statue of Unity Tent City-1 curates experiences that go beyond mere accommodation.

One Night Package: Immerse yourself in luxury and history with a guided tour of the Statue of Unity, crafting a brief yet immersive escape.

Two Nights Package: Dive deeper into the essence of Kevadiya, exploring local culture and nature, extending the narrative of your journey.

Three Nights Package: For the souls yearning to explore every facet of this land, this package offers a comprehensive exploration, ensuring that your story with us remains etched in memory.

Beyond the tent city, let’s discover the nearby attractions such as the Jungle Safari Adventure, Sardar Sarovar Dam, Unity Glow Garden, and the Grand Maze Garden, each offering unique experiences.

Exploring Beyond the Statue: Nearby Places

Jungle Safari Adventure

An escapade awaits in the Jungle Safari, where the wilderness unfolds in clusters representing continents, offering a glimpse into the untamed world. The Aviary, a haven for bird enthusiasts, promises an unbarred view of the birds in their simulated natural habitats, making it a unique experience.

Sardar Sarovar Dam: Engineering Marvel

The Sardar Sarovar Dam stands as a testament to human ingenuity and perseverance, inviting visitors to marvel at one of the world’s largest dam projects. Its significance stretches beyond its physical grandeur, symbolising the spirit of development and progress.

Illuminated Evenings at Unity Glow Garden

As dusk falls, the Unity Glow Garden comes alive with a symphony of lights, creating an ethereal atmosphere around the Statue of Unity. This unique theme park, with its glowing installations and LED fountains, offers a mesmerising experience of night tourism, inviting visitors to witness the beauty of Ekta Nagar in a new light.

The Grand Maze Garden

Challenge your senses in the country’s largest Maze Garden, designed to mirror the mystical ‘Yantra’, radiating positive energies. Navigate through its intricate pathways for a sense of accomplishment and adventure, symbolising the overcoming of obstacles in the journey of life.

Witness the Narmada Maha Aarti 

One of the unique experiences here is witnessing the enchanting Narmada Maha Aarti near the Statue of Unity at Maa Narmada Ghat. Just as Varanasi offers the spiritual spectacle of Ganga Aarti, immerse yourself in the devotion and reverence of this serene ritual amidst the divine backdrop of Lord Shoolpaneshwar Mahadev Temple. 


As our narrative of travel and exploration from Varanasi to the Statue of Unity draws to a close, the essence of staying at Statue of Unity Tent City-1 crystallises into a memory waiting to be cherished. The blend of luxury, nature, and history that our tent city offers enriches your visit, making it not just a journey but an experience that transcends the ordinary.

We invite you, the traveller from Varanasi, to embark on this journey of discovery, where every step taken is a step towards unity, and every stay with us is a testament to the legacy of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Let the banks of the Ganges merge with the vistas of Kevadiya, and let the spirit of India, in all its diverse unity, be celebrated.

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